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Lacey and Lace photo exhibition Malta


Lacey and Lace photo exhibition by Nadette Clare-Talbot (South Africa).
Opening Friday 27 May 2016, 20:30-23:30 (Open invite)
(Exhibition open till August 30th 2016)
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Venue Le Meridien St.Julians Hotel & Spa, Malta
Featuring Live Jazz Music by Quintessential (Malta)
Curated by Claude Camilleri

Introduction of Lacey and Lace by Nadette Clare-Talbot

Nadette Clare-Talbot“The concept for this exhibition was born from my love of lace and my passion for beauty and stills photography.  I wanted to create something that merged the two and so the idea came about to work on 18 pieces accentuating lace as the common theme throughout the images, incorporating a DPS (double-page spread) approach.  From my years of shooting for magazines, I found that I instinctively visualized my imagery in a double page layout – so I wanted to echo that idea in my exhibition by creating images in a 2-part story.

I photographed 9 beauty portraits each exploring a different theme and flavor, and then expanded the concepts further by shooting a complementary still for each model.  The images will be viewed in pairs, but can still exist as pieces in their own right.

From the onset, my aim was to create images that were extremely textured and layered.  As lace is the common thread, I explored the concept by integrating lace in the styling aspects of the subject matter, and then layering the images digitally afterwards by incorporating scanned-in pieces of lace.  It is my hope that the photographed lace and scanned lace are not obviously differentiated from one other, but viewed blended to create the layered effect.

The final pieces are printed on canvas at 80 x 120cm each, to fully appreciate the layered textures.

Each beauty portrait is titled by incorporating the girls name Lacey and each complementary still using the word Lace”.
Nadette Clare-Talbot (2016)

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contact direct  +356 99461598 (Malta, Europe)

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