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Art Music Fashion Meet Up at the International Art Collective lll

Art Music Fashion MaltaThe opening of the International Art Collective III was held on Friday 26 February 2016 at Le Meridien St.Julians Malta. The vernissage opened its doors to a full house of art inspired visitors and guests.

“The following to our curated exhibitions keeps increasing each year. The anticipation and hype for this collective was amazing and the opening night was truly energetic. We had several larger than life installations, video art in two areas, sculptures, photography, art on canvas, live music and vintage fashion. Le Meridien St Julians were also celebrating their tenth anniversary, so we had much to celebrate. The feedback and momentum have been fantastic. We continue to be inspired and motivated to do more. Contemporary art is getting noticed locally and combining international and local art is a great marriage for inspiration. I am very happy and grateful to be part of all this, and would like to thank all the guests, visitors, artists, hostesses, Le Meridien team and the press for making this happen. We look forward to many more”.
Claude Camilleri, curator

The International Art Collective III (as seen on TVM, Meander, What’s on Malta) remains open till May 25th 2016.
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The line up of artists includes Federico Peltretti (Italy), Dagmara Zaczeniuk (Poland) Tamara Miodragovic (Serbia), Tihana Bogdanovic (Croatia), Damian Ebejer (Malta), Savio Mizzi (USA/Malta), Alexandra Borz (Hungary), Max Miguel (Malta) Sallyanne Morgan (Ireland), Stiefnu (Malta), Mark Mallia (Malta) and Leta Shtohr (Ukraine).

(art collection coming soon on Gallery Marcoux online)

Le Meridien St Julians

Le Meridien St Julians Malta

(photography by Emma Tranter and video by Kurt Cauchi coming out soon)

Emma Tranter -

FlytheFly Vintage, Laura Tikotiko Elomaa (image by  Emma Tranter)

the KuDeTa Lounge & Bar

“We were very excited to have been invited to participate at this year’s International Art Collective. Bringing our Vintage Fashion to people who love art was a creative way to meet the creative. The night was real well organized, the people, the energy, real great. We enjoyed being dazzled and look forward to more events like this.”

Maria Moller from FlytheFly vintage (2016)

Emma Tranter -

Adrian Ir-Russu Brincat (image by Emma Tranter)

Live Music
Adrian Ir-Russu Brincat and Domenic Galea jazzed up the night till late at night.

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