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Telin, Mallia and Labro to exhibit at Aqua Art Miami

Telin Mallia LabroAlexander Telin (Russia), Mark Mallia (Malta) and Labro (France) will be representing Gallery Marcoux at this years Aqua Art Miami 02-06 December 2015.

Telin Mallia Labro artEach artist offers a different palette to the viewers and collectors.

Multi award winning Alexander Telin ,who is currently exhibiting his latest collection at New York’s Agora Gallery, exhibited his deep pictorials last year at Concept. This year it’s Aqua Art Miami for the Russian artist.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 22.49.49
Maria El and Alexander Telin
Chiancano, Italy

“This has been a big year for Alexander Telin, his works have been exhibited in major cities across Europe and his three awards are giving him the credit he truly deserves, a real humble and intelligent artist” Maria El (2015)

_ROM7203Mark Mallia (Malta)
photo – romanowsky (berlin)

“Never shy to challenge the status quo, Mark continues to attract local and international interest in his works, his art is expressive, diverse and versatile. This year he returns to Miami during Art Basel week, Aqua Art Miami has a mega contender and this Maltese artist is ready to deliver “. Claude Camilleri (2015)

labro-hushLabro (France)

“Once again the artwork of Labro returns to Miami. The works of Labro are truly incredible. El Capitano or El Maestro as most of his art followers are now calling him has created his own unique pigments along the years, his works, come in different shapes and forms, art on canvas that work with different lighting’s, visuals which he remasters and VJ’s with and models which he paints on Live, a trio combination of spectacular color and motion “. Claude Camilleri

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