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Artwork by Tamara Miodragovic Now in Malta

Tamara MiodragovicGallery Marcoux receives three works on consignment by artist Tamara Miodragovic (Belgrade).

Tamara’s artwork is no stranger to the European art sector, her works have been exhibited in Rome, London, Zurich, Belgrade and can now also be seen at Milano Gallery, Spazio d’ Arte Tolomeo.

The quirky style multi medium works by Tamara Miodragovic are influenced by her urban surroundings and without doubt easily get one’s attention when seen. Introducing;

Summer Fun Art Gallery marcouxSummer Fun
acrylic,pastels, collage mix media
61 x 98 cm

Pinochio Art Gallery MarcouxPinocchio,Where is the Money tree?
acrylic,oil pastels
82  x 105 cm

Look Up There Gallery marcouxLook up there
acrylic ,oil pastels
40 x 60 cm

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