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Mallia to exhibit at Windsor Contemporary Art Fair and Aqua Art Miami

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 23.44.23Gallery Marcoux confirms
Mark Mallia will be exhibiting his artwork at this years Windsor Contemporary Art Fair, which will take place at the Royal Windsor Racecourse (14th and 15th November, 2015 ) and Aqua Art Miami (2nd to 6th December, 2015) in Miami Beach. Mark Mallia will be representing Gallery Marcoux in WCAF and will be joining international artists Alexander Telin (Russia) and Labro (France) during Aqua Art Miami.

Mark Mallia about his current work and his next exhibits
“My work..I fill in the blanks, with color, I blend and use different fluids.
It’s experimental, new medium and style, this is my latest collection…
Miami, Windsor, what’s most important, is expressing myself”

Mallia about life as an artist and his drive
“It’s f..king hard being a full time artist but I have to create, its an addiction, its like you need sex, drugs or alcohol, a must.. the mind amuses itself”

Mark Mallia Art

Kim Schumacher, International Art Dealer at Worldwide Collection, about Mark Mallia’s Work
“With great anticipation and bated breath, I long to see the unveiling of Mark Mallia’s new work. He truly is the epitome of a talented artist, one of which speaks magnitudes of creativity and uniqueness”

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