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The Great Dictator – David Hollier (New York)

David Hollier, New York based artist captures Charlie Chaplin’s speech
during the “Great Dictator”. Here Hollier uses his calligraphy pop art style to bring new life to Chaplin’s masterpiece film.

Charlie Chaplin David Hollier Art“From a distance one will see the very recognizable figure of Chaplin, yet when one looks closer, they will soon realize this figure is done through text, a wonderful example of David Hollier’s magnificent works” Claude Camilleri (2015)

Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” (1940) came some 12 years after the introduction of sound, but it was Chaplin’s first all-talking picture, and the first in which people heard the little tramp speak.

The dialog turned out to be Chaplin’s last words; he never used the Tramp character again after “The Great Dictator”.

Charlie Chaplin was exiled out of the US for this film and found home in Switzerland.
Chaplin had mocked Hitler as a dictator who wanted to rule the world. The rest of course is history.

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