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Up Next La Premiere 2015 Art Collective Exhibition

La Premiere 2015 is the first art collective exhibition being held at the newly set KuDeTa at Le Meiriden Hotel & Spa, Ballutta Bay, St.Julians, Malta, Europe.

La Premiere 2015Featured artists include Sallyanne Morgan (Ireland), Colette Marchant (France) Chris Ebejer (Malta) Stiefnu (Malta) Micko (Serbia) Rebecca Sullivan (Malta), Peter Mercieca (Malta), Tijana Raskovic (Serbia).

La Premiere 2015 will be open to the public on 07 February and remain open till 15 March 2015.

“This exhibition is the very first Art Collective we will have at the KuDeTa, the art selection includes Art Installations, Sculptures, Art on Canvas, Mixed Media Drawings and video Art.

The energy of the space will be captivating and inspiring. The artists are ready to exhibit and I am confident, La Premiere 2015 will set the tone to many great exhibitions to come”.

Claude Camilleri,
curator Le Meridien Hotel & Spa, Ballutta Bay, St.Julians, Malta

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