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Alexander Telin (Russia) – Mother and Son

Gallery Marcoux Modern Art International
Mother and Son by Alexander Telin (Russia)

“Vlada, a friend of Telin explained some interesting facts about this painting. One will notice mother and son on their balconies. Above the mother’s balcony are flowers, less potent by color in comparison to her son, the flowers, their color, toned down, representing a full life, one lived, one of maturity even calmness. On her right hand side, a statue of Mary, representing her faith. The stairs leading up into the direction of her future path, heaven.

On the other side, the son, the colors of the flowers above him rich in color and texture, a young soul with a full life ahead of him. Music and Nature (birds) representing curiosity, eagerness to live and learn.

The staircase on the left, leading him to busy surroundings, symbolic of movement, his future, what lies ahead. And lets not forget the playfulness of the two cats, just another glimpse into Masters genius” Claude Camilleri

mother_and_son_telin_gallerymarcouxMother and Son
100 x 100cm
oil on canvas

claude camilleri_telin_mother_sonClaude Camilleri, curator of Gallery Marcoux, at the official opening “the Great Masters of the Future” exhibition, Cathedral Museum Crypt, Mdina, Malta, Europe
(photo taken by Peter Mercieca)

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